DJ Larry Mac

Join me on Friends for Friends radio. I always have a laugh and always love having more listeners.


I was a guitarist with the tribute band the Shadowlands. We used to play all over the country with lots of other well known bands

Talent Hunter

I am always on the lookout for any fresh undiscovered talent to help them on their way with the contacts I have. Get in touch if that's you.

DJ Larry Mac

About Me

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Welcome to my website….I am DJ Larry Mac. I usually DJ on Friends for Friends online radio station. I sometimes do guest appearances on other radio stations too. I used to be a guitarist in a tribute band called the Shadowlands and for those of you who haven’t guessed who we were a tribute band for….it was the Shadows who played with Sir Cliff Richard many years ago!. I have put some Shadowlands tracks on here for your enjoyment (and a few nostalgic pictures from our appearances)… plus a few tracks from other singers I have promoted. I hope you enjoy my website experience. Above you will find links for you to download and install the Friends for Friends radio app  and am working on getting the player installed on my website. I will be putting dates and times on here when you can catch me DJ ‘ing . Join my site if you would like to keep in touch with me and follow what I’m doing and where.