DJ Larry Mac

He was on Friends for Friends radio. .always having a laugh and always love having more listeners.


He was a guitarist with the tribute band the Shadowlands. We used to play all over the country with lots of other well known bands

Talent Hunter

He was always on the lookout for any fresh undiscovered talent to help them on their way with the contacts I have. Get in touch if that's you.


About Me

Larry at BBC Radio Solent days gone by
At BBC Radio Solent – Shadowlands doing a live show! aprox 2006

Sadly on the 17th February our lovely Larry was taken from us.

Goodbye my beautiful friend

Hi…I’m Larry…welcome to my website!

I’m a very bizzi buzzi fun happy go lucky person who DJ’s a few shows on a couple of different online radio stations…check out my schedule (just above on this page) to see when and which station and what time I’ll be playing on next. I also used to be a guitarist in the tribute band Shadowlands which I have put a bit on here about.

I have put some Shadowlands tracks on here for your enjoyment…click the controls on the light green circle above right to play, fast forward, go back or stop the tracks. 

The links are above to listen to me on the radio plus the link to download the VP chat for Friends for Friends radio if you fancy messaging my while I’m on air and joining in with the fun. Its a free to use music player or they charge a small fee for you to enjoy the other facilities it offers. (you will see all the links once downloaded and installed on your computer)

You are welcome to join my site if you would like to keep in touch with me and follow what I’m doing and where.